**ANNOUNCEMENT** We are currently working on plans for this summer. Given the fluctuating COVID situation, registration will be delayed until late-February or possibly early-March at the latest. We anticipate offering two shortened camp sessions from June 14-16 or June 18-20. Please check back again for updates.

This premier camp, for girls who have just completed the seventh grade, includes courses with a full laboratory experience to empower their skills in both science and engineering.

Through cooperative learning, students take a full daily curriculum with classes in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and  scientific model building that boost their self-confidence in the sciences. Click for schedule (TBD).

The girls have the opportunity to interact with female career exemplars who share their journeys in many areas of science and then each evening the girls participate in hands-on experiments in programs involving boomerangs and physics.

Founded in 1990, B-WISER has inspired thousands of girls to pursue science courses and STEM degrees.

The cost is $350 with scholarships available for students who qualify for the reduced-lunch program.

For additional information email Manon Grugel-Watson or call at 330-263-2105.