Frequently Asked Questions

When does 2022 registration open?

The application for B-WISER 2022 opened on January 7, 2022.  Applications will be accepted until the EXTENDED deadline of April 30, 2022 or until the camp is full, whichever occurs first.

Can I room with my friend?

We do not generally allow friends to be roommates.  We encourage all campers to get to know more fabulous girls who share an interest in science.

Can I bring my cell phone or any electronic devices?

No, campers are kept busy with engaging activities, and electronic devices detract from the B-WISER experience.  The counselors and nurse will have cell phones to call parents if the need arises. We also try to post photos of campers participating in various activities on the B-WISER Facebook page so parents can follow their child’s camp experience that way. Please do not comment on the photos.

When and where is registration on campus?

Registration and check-in will be between 4:30-6:00PM in Holden Hall dormitory lounge on Sunday, June 12.  Plan to arrive as early as possible to allow time for the check-in process (including picking up your key card, dropping off any medications, and moving your belongings into your dorm room).  Camp activities will begin immediately following registration.

What time do I pick up my camper at the end of camp?

Parents/guardians are invited to attend the closing ceremony at 1PM on Friday in the Scott Center gym, and campers must be picked up by 2:30PM sharp on June 17.

Is there a form for the camp scholarship?

There are two possible types of camp scholarships that reduce the camp fee: (i) some campers may have been awarded scholarship certificates at a science competition, and (ii) some campers qualify for need-based scholarships (i.e. by qualifying for the state reduced lunch program).

To receive the scholarship, you must provide (i) a copy of the $100 award certificate, or (ii) a copy of the letter from your school saying you qualify for reduced lunches.  Or if you do not have a school letter, fill out the income form found in the Parent Info & Forms tab of the website.  You can either mail or email these to Manon Grugel-Watson.  For more information, please see the Camp Scholarship tab.

NOTE: We can only provide a limited number of scholarships per school on a first come first served basis, so we will notify applicants if no more scholarships are available, and you would have the option of a refund or paying the difference.

Please note that the maximum scholarship amount is $415.

Are B-WISER and ‘Be Wise’ camps the same program or are they connected?

Be Wise camp began in 1989 at Denison University; the camp was also designed for middle school girls interested in science.  Some of the teachers involved in that pilot camp founded B-WISER the following summer at The College of Wooster.  They narrowed the age-range to 7th graders and focused on creating an intensive science experience.

Both camps have a daily curriculum, but with a different structure and covering different fields.  Every day at B-WISER, students take lab courses in all subjects (i.e. physics, chemistry, biology, geology, robot construction, and robotics programming).  And after classes, B-WISER continues to engage campers in science-based activities (e.g. learning about careers in science and participating in fun hands-on projects and demonstrations in engineering, chemistry, & physics).