Frequently Asked Questions

Can I room with my friend?

We do not allow friends to room together because we want the girls to make new friends and not be in cliques.

What time is registration?

Sunday, June 7, 4:30-6:00 PM at Lowry Center.

What time do I pick up my daughter at the end of camp?

You are invited to the closing ceremony at 1:00 PM in McGaw Chapel. Afterward at about 2:15 PM you will pick up your daughter at the dorm, Holden Hall.

Can I bring my cell phone or any electronic media?

No because we don’t want interruptions and want the girls to interact rather than have their noses in their phones  The counselors and nurse will have cell phones to phone parents if the need arises. Photos will be posted daily on our B-Wiser Facebook page so that you can follow what your daughter is doing.  Please do not comment on the photos but you can download them for your use.

Is there a form for the scholarship?

If you have a copy of the school letter saying that you qualify for reduced lunches, no.  Just send a us a copy and pay $100. If you do not have a letter, fill out the form found in the Camper & Parent Information tab on the homepage of the website and send it in and pay $100.