Goals, Objectives, Outcomes

The mission of The College of Wooster B-WISER Science Camp for Middle School Girls is to encourage this underrepresented demographic to pursue their interests in science throughout their education and career path by surrounding campers with like-minded peers, engaging them in hands-on experiments in a broad range of scientific disciplines, and introducing them to women role models in diverse scientific careers.

Goals and learning objectives for B-WISER participants:

  • Enhance your excitement, interest, and motivation to learn about phenomena in the natural and physical world;
  • Build confidence in your own ability to generate and understand concepts in science;
  • Participate in scientific investigations and learning practices with others, using scientific language and tools;
  • Learn more about how to pursue a science-related career; and
  • Further your own science education.

Objectives of the B-WISER summer science camp:

  • Provide fun hands-on laboratory experiments and demonstrations designed to pique interest;
  • Offer collaborative science classes which require campers to work with scientific equipment and draw conclusions from their data;
  • Provide numerous opportunities for girls to utilize methods of scientific investigation;
  • Introduce students to experienced and successful women working in STEM fields;
  • Encourage and empower campers, who are underrepresented in STEM fields, to pursue their interests in science.

Outcomes for B-WISER campers:

  • Increase self-confidence and interest in science;
  • Enroll in STEM classes in high school and beyond;
  • Broaden knowledge of STEM-related professions; and
  • Meet and connect with other women in science.