Camp Scholarships

There are two possible types of B-WISER scholarships:

(i) Campers competing in science competitions might be awarded a certificate. These are valued at $100 off the camp fee.  To receive the scholarship, you must submit a copy of your award certificate.

(ii) Campers who qualify for free or reduced lunches at their schools may be eligible for a need-based scholarship.  Note that the applicant’s household income must meet the necessary criteria, regardless of if the whole school receives free or reduced meals.  Need-based scholarships are valued at $TBD off the camp fee.  To receive the scholarship, you must submit a copy of your school letter stating that the student qualifies for the free or reduced meals program.  Or if no letter is available (e.g. because the entire school receives the program), then you must demonstrate need by completing this form regarding your family income.   Scholarships are only awarded after income eligibility documentation is received and reviewed.

To apply for the need-based scholarship, you must submit a copy of the school letter or the income form.  Email the project director and include (1) applicant’s name, (2) current school grade, (3) documentation of eligibility (either the school letter or the income form).  Note there are a limited number of need-based scholarships available.

Note the maximum scholarship possible is $—.  If a camper is awarded both types of scholarships, then the $100 merit award certificate off-sets the financial aid award, reducing the financial aid scholarship to $—.


More Details about the Free or Reduced Lunch Financial Aid Scholarship:

1. The family must qualify for the “National School Breakfast and Lunch Program for Ohio” in order to be eligible to apply for a need-based financial aid scholarship.

2. Campers will be considered on a first come, first serve basis when their application is completed, with a limited number of scholarships being granted per school.

3. A completed application includes: (i) the submitted application, (ii) the reduced $(TBD) camp payment, and (iii) the free or reduced lunch school letter or the income qualification form if a letter is not available.  Please email all documentation to or send it to B-WISER, Department of Physics, The College of Wooster, Wooster, OH 44691.  (Please include the camper’s name and grade-level, so that it is clear with which application it goes.)
{Note that alumnae campers receiving financial aid will need to pay $—.}

4. We will notify campers of their scholarship status after receiving all of the above information.

5. If the camper does not receive a scholarship and the family is unable to pay the remaining $— for the camp, the $1– will be refunded to the person who provided the payment.

If you have any questions, please call or email Manon Grugel-Watson, project director, or call 330-263-2105.