Gender Inclusivity

B-WISER gender-inclusive policy:

B-WISER science camp is for middle school girls.  For registration purposes, B-WISER defines a girl as any student who identifies as a girl or female, regardless of sex assigned at birth.  Additionally, we welcome nonbinary or gender-questioning female students.

B-WISER is an overnight, residential program where campers typically have a roommate.  Thus, in order to make appropriate housing assignments, we ask questions related to gender and sex assigned at birth on the registration form.

Roommate policy:

One of the benefits of the B-WISER experience is meeting other girls with similar interests and making new friends.  For this reason, campers are generally not permitted to choose their existing friends as roommates.

Participants who are cisgender female students (those whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth) will be assigned roommates who identify likewise.  All other participants will be contacted before any final housing decisions are made.  Housing possibilities for transgender, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, or gender questioning students include rooming with a friend who knows your gender/sexual identity, housing in a single dorm room, or being assigned a roommate who identifies similarly.

Please contact B-WISER Project Coordinator Manon Grugel-Watson with any questions.