Admission and Scholarship Opportunities at The College of Wooster

The College of Wooster encourages B-WISER alumnae to apply for admission during their senior year of high school.  Our admissions representatives are available to support camp alumnae and their family members through the college search process.

Due to the impact of their on-campus camp experience, many B-WISER campers choose to apply Early Decision or Early Action to The College of Wooster.  While visiting campus, students experience our inclusive campus community and see the benefits of our exceptionally engaged and accessible faculty, who are known for excellent teaching and individual advising of students at every stage of their college journey.

The Admission and Scholarship Committee will give B-WISER alumnae strong consideration for Wooster’s top merit-based scholarships, which are guaranteed for all eight semesters of study as long as students remain in good academic standing.  To learn more about Wooster’s current merit-based scholarships, visit:

To be considered for admission and scholarship eligibility, interested students should (1) apply for admission by the designated deadline in their senior year of high school; (2) notify the B-WISER project coordinator; and (3) notify the admissions office that they attended the B-WISER camp.

Please plan to send an email to both: and                             to confirm your application plans, as well as if you have questions about the process.